Georgia's barbecue pedigree is not as pure bred as places like North Carolina; the Peach State has an eclectic barbecue history.  Still, true 'cue connoisseurs in Georgia recognize and appreciate traditional cooking methods.  This page is your gateway to finding restaurants in Georgia that serve real barbecue cooked the old fashioned way.  

While this page is under construction, please learn more about Georgia's barbecue traditions and restaurants by visiting the Georgia BBQ Trails site.

To qualify for True ‘Cue GA certification, a restaurant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be located in Georgia.

  2. Cook the barbecue using wood coals or charcoal as the sole heat source.

  3. Avoid electricity, gas or any other non-wood heat source for the barbecue other than to ignite the wood, to keep the finished barbecue warm, or to re-heat the finished barbecue.

  4. Serve the barbecue on site at the location where it is cooked (exceptions may exist for food trucks and other mobile purveyors, but a restaurant that serves barbecue cooked by another business does not qualify).

  5. Offer regular business hours, with barbecue available on the menu regularly (at least monthly).

  6. Provide a sauce or dip that is regionally appropriate.

Sadly, there are relatively few restaurants in Georgia that meet these basic standards and serve True ‘Cue (out of scores of barbecue restaurants across the state).  We need your help to change this. Please take THE PLEDGE, steer clear of faux ‘cue when possible, and patronize True ‘Cue GA-certified restaurants.

To the best of our knowledge, these restaurants serve barbecue that meets the True ‘Cue GA criteria:

If you think you know a restaurant that meets the True 'Cue GA criteria, let us know.  If you think a place on the list now cooks with gas or electricity, drop us a line at and we’ll check it out (we don’t want to start a flame war, so to speak).