"If it's not cooked with wood, it's not barbecue." (Pete Jones)

“To anyone deeply into barbecue, the idea of cooking it any way other than over live coals is as repugnant as, say, artificial potato chips or ‘whipped cream’ that never saw the inside of a cow.” (Tom Wicker)

"Any sumbitch with a timer can cook a pig with gas." (Smokey Colwell)

“With wood, sometimes you get an inferior plate.  But then (and more often) you also get that unbelievable plate of meat so rich, so succulent, so deeply flavorful with whatever magic the pitman could command that you were connected with the ancient longings of the species itself.” (Jim Shahin)

“Barbecue without wood is like French food without butter, inappropriate and insulting.” (Alan Richman)

"Not having [barbecue] cooked slowly over a wood fire by a sullen man with a squint is like saying that a symphony orchestra would be cheaper without the violins."  (Calvin Trillin)  

"How do you smoke on a gas grill? My normal advice: don’t. . . . Gas grills simply don’t give you the crusty bark, crimson smoke ring, and rich smoke flavor characteristic of meats smoked on a wood- or charcoal-burning smoker." (Steven Raichlen)

"I believe there is no substitute for making your own coals and smoking meat in a masonry pit." (Myron Mixon)

“I believe that when you combine wood, smoke, meat, salt, and fire, you are appealing to an appetite so deeply rooted in the human genome that it is instinctual.” (Peter Kaminsky)

"If you can't see or smell a smoker, there's a chance you're being taken for a fool." (Michael Bartiromo)

"You can't beat the old way of cooking. . . .  But putting it in a gas cooker? That's like putting barbecue in the stove in your house.” (Mark Johnson)

 “If you walk into a place that cooks over gas or on a rotisserie and it has the name barbecue on the front and you've never had it any other way, then it’s pretty good, I guess.  But how do you really know what's good if you've never had it cooked the right way?" (Ed Mitchell)

“I keep cooking with wood because I'm chasing that flavor. I want it to be really good.” (Keith Allen)

“People say it’s impossible to smoke the real way in the city. It’s not impossible. There are a lot of regulations, but you can do it.” (Daniel Delaney)

“If you cook your meat with electricity or gas, you do not have barbecue; you have roast pork. And you can do that with an oven in your kitchen.” (Jim Early)

“When you cut through the haze, ultimately, it is smoke that differentiates barbecue from other types of cooking. The fact is that there are many forms of barbecue around the world and it is the presence of smoke that unifies them all.” (Meathead Goldwyn)

“Barbecued meats, such as product labeled ‘Beef Barbecue’ or ‘Barbecued Pork,’ shall be cooked by the direct action of dry heat resulting from the burning of hard wood or the hot coals therefrom for a sufficient period to assume the usual characteristics of a barbecued article, which include the formation of a brown crust on the surface and the rendering of surface fat.”  (Code of Federal Regulations -- Title 9: 319.80)

“You can’t reach the highest pinnacle of true barbecue without hardwood smoke, a slow fire, and time, precious time.” (John Egerton)

"Wanna know how good a barbecue restaurant is?  Take a look at the size of their woodpile." (Big Bob Gibson)

"Look, it's easier and cheaper to make the meat in an oven, cover it with sauce and call it barbecue, but if there is no wood and no smoke, then it's not barbecue." (Bob Kantor)

"It's a fact that with gas, you're just not going to get the same flavor." (Chris Lilly)