Campaign for Real Barbecue fanatics, ahem, enthusiasts are working hard to locate and verify restaurants across the South that serve barbecue cooked in the traditional way solely with wood coals.  Learn more about certified True 'Cue near you on the regional pages linked below, or view them on this online map at The BBQ Hub:

True 'Cue Georgia

True 'Cue Kentucky

True 'Cue North Carolina

True 'Cue South Carolina


Our hope is that the Campaign for Real Barbecue will – like barbecue itself -- spread from the Carolinas to Kentucky, Memphis, Texas, Kansas City, and beyond. We need help to make that happen. If you’d like to join the Campaign, here’s all that you need to know.

The Campaign for Real Barbecue has no officers, no meetings, and no dues.  It’s a bit like anarchy, but done low and slow.  You can enlist by taking The Pledge and either sending us an email at truecue@gmail.com, or filling out the contact form below.  This will allow us to contact you when it’s time to call for help to expand the True ‘Cue program into other states. 

We will not sell your contact info, and wouldn’t even know how if we wanted to.

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